About Me

I’ve been raised up by a dad who worked in a mine, in the most dark place you can imagine. For this reason, growing up I needed to breathe light as much as I could. The passion for travels came later, as an urgent methaphor to see all the dazzling wonders the world could offer. After taking my degree in Cinema, Television and New Media, I started working as an indipendent filmmaker and, during the last three years, I had been given the opportunity to visit the most incredible places. My work allowed me to be in contact with difficult realities, meeting people who live on nothing and trying to give them the voice they had lost since forever. During these journeys I soon realized that all the little time in which I wasn’t filming I still found myself wandering around Kabul’s streets or thorugh the rainforest fronds graving for some perfect istant to eternalize. Even withouth the moving miracle or the sound’s power, these pictures were saying so much, still telling a story withouth any words and for this reason their strenght was even more. In the eyes of the people I met I see the reflection of my family’s that hadn’t the same luck I had and couldn’t travel the world like me. With these pictures it seems they are with me everywhere I go and when I came home I take an important part of my travels to them.